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Painting of aircraft

We are able offer you either repair of existing aircraft finishing or realization of quite new finish in accordance with our customer request. Our Aeroservice provides the finest in workmanship in aircraft painting and utilizes state-of-the-art materials to allow for a superior finish as well as unsurpassed durability and corrosion control. Our painting process includes complete disassembly of all removable components, complete removal of all existing paint and corrosion and follow-up application of corrosion protection, primer, basecoat, design elements and optional clearcoat based on owner's requirements. Finally all required placards are installed,

Cessna TR182 Turbo Skylane RG in original paint

Cessna TR182 Turbo Skylane RG in original paint

Cessna TR182 Turbo Skylane RG in painting shop

Cessna TR182 Turbo Skylane RG in painting shop

Cessna TR182 Turbo Skylane RG with new paint

Cessna TR182 Turbo Skylane RG with new paint

All windows, antennas and other delicate parts are covered with sticky tape to ensure protection throughout the aircraft painting process.

The old paint stripping is made by means of aircraft-grade chemicals, which are regardful of airframe materials. This is the safest way to remove existing paint. We do not use sandblasting!

Control surfaces, inspection covers, fairings, etc. are to be further processed and painted separately. Also rivet lines, seams and edges receive added technological steps to ensure that even the smallest amount of old paint is removed and that all corrosion is completely eliminated. After the aircraft has been painted, reassembly is made using stainless steel if possible, which maintains new appearance and eliminates sources of corrosion when covers are removed in the future.

Color striping is done by a special technique, which leaves clean and sharp lines.

Masks for registration marks are computer generated, resulting in a superior appearance. Outlining and shadowing of registration marks is also available.

Fabric Covering

We also are able to restore fabric covers of your aircraft or glider by means of synthetic fabric (e.g. Ceconite), where covering is adhered to the structure using dedicated glues, shrinking process is achieved by applying heat and finally cosmetic finish coats is usually applied.

Painting Systems

We use acrylic systems of DuPont, Mobihel and Randolph companies with compatible components or layers of the painting. Custom color formulation are blended in our own color mixer.

Non-skid Wing Walk

We can equip step areas of your aircraft (“wing walks”) by gritted or bonded anti-skid surface in clear or custom selected color.


Weighing of aircraft and control surfaces balancing after painting is included in specified price. All control surfaces therefore fulfill aircraft manufacturer's specifications.


You can find our approximate prices of our services in the price list. We would like to point out these prices are informative only and the actual ones are always determined individually based on aircraft / part condition finding, i.e. they are dependent on its state or wear and further possible extrawork.

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