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Maintenance and Repairs of
Aircraft Magnetos and Ignition Harnesses

We are CAA CR approved for regular and ireguler overhaul services of of TCM/Bendix and Slick aircraft magnetos inclusive of ignition harnesses.
We make also complete maintenance of LASAR® ignition systems of Unison company.

Any repair is done in accordance with the appropriate maintenance or service manual from the applicable source, which include airframe and engine manuals and service information as well as the magneto's original manufacturer's manuals and service information in latest revision.

We offer:

Repairs and overhauls of

Bench for testing of magnetos

Bench for testing of magnetos

  • 500 Hour Inspection of TCM/Bendix magnetos
    • S-20 series
    • S-200 series
    • S-1200 series
    • D-2000 series
    • D-3000 series
  • 250, 500 and 1000 Hour Inspections of Champion Aerospace / Unison / Slick magnetos
    • 600 series
    • 4200 / 6200 series
    • 4300 / 6300 series
  • 250, 500 and 1000 Hour Inspections of LASAR® ignition systems of Champion Aerospace / Unison / Slick

and further

  • repairs and inspections of starting vibrators and switcher boxes
  • high-voltage aircraft engine ignition cables inspections and repairs (also from Electrosystems and LOM)
  • technical support at ignition system problem solving
  • European certification - issue of EASA FORM ONE
  • detailed report of your unit inspection

Obviously all parts replaced on maintenance are returned to customer inclusive of work sheet with inspection results of all parts of the tested unit.

Magneto parts after overhaul

Magneto parts after overhaul


You can find our approximate prices of our services in the price list. We would like to point out these prices are informative only and the actual ones are always determined individually based on part condition finding, i.e. they are dependent on its state or wear and further possible extrawork.

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