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Pricelist of Services

provided by Aeroclub Vysoke Myto, in accordance with EASA Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2042/2003, Annex I, Part M, Section A, Subpart F, No. CZ.MF.0015.

Prices mentioned below are informative only. Exact prices are determined individually based on finding of aircraft condition, i.e. they are dependent on wearing and further possible extrawork.

Airframe Maintenance

Maintenance Type50 hrs.100 hrs.200 hrs.500 hrs.Overhaul (OVHL)
Zlín Z-126, Z-226, Z-5268,50017,000podle stavu
Zlín Z-42, 142, 4318,100
L-40 Meta Sokol9,59017,00026,90055,000642,000
Zlín Z-37 Čmelák
incl engine
26,25032,000after 150 hrs. 29,900
Let L-13SW, SE8,57017,000after 400-600 hrs. 42,000 transition to
w/o OVHL operation 65,000
Let L-200 A, Drev. A 25,190rev. B 51,350rev. C 81,000
Piper PA 2717,00049,800
Piper PA 28 incl. engine6,97030,550
Piper PA 34 incl. engine17,10051,75072,300
Mooney M2022,30026,250
Maintenance Type50 hrs.100 hrs.200 hrs.SID Inspection
Cessna 150, 152
incl. engine
Cessna 170, 180
incl. engine
9,10022,39031,700from 30,000 to 35,000
Cessna 210, 172 RG, 177
incl. engine
10,18026,25040,610from 40,000 to 45,000
American AA-1


Prices of Annual inspections correspond to ones of respective hour interval-inspections according to aircraft type.

Aircraft Pitot-static system leakage test and magnetic compass compensation are not included in prices of Annual inspections.

Cessna 100/200 further works

Janitrol and South Wind cabin heaters PDT (pressure decay test) — 3,000,CZK w/o VAT.

Complete Cessna 100/200 aircraft rigging (control cable tension, control surfaces deflections, aircraft rigging, angles of incidence, etc.) — 12,000,CZK w/o VAT.

Cessna Aircraft Supplement Inspection (SID)

,Cessna 100 seriesCessna 200 series
with fixed undercarriage30,00040,000
with retractable undercarriage35,00045,000

Above mentioned prices do not contain cost of defect removal nor cost of repair or replacement of the defective parts and used material.

Engine Maintenance

Maintenance Type50 hrs. /
75 hrs.
100 hrs. /
LOM M-1375,7006,75012,000
LOM M-3325,6007,60012,000
LOM M-3376,5008,90013,500
Walter WM4-III5,2006,75010,000
Walter WM6-III5,7006,75010,000
Walter WMIII5,2006,75010,000
Rotax 5,5008,000

Propeller Maintenance

Woodenaccording to state1,000
Avia V 500A5004,200
Avia V 503Aafter 200 hrs.
Avia VJ 410, 5065004,200
Avia AV25009,500

Sailplanes Maintenance

Maintenance Type50
100 hrs. /
Inspect. A/1Inspect. B/2Inspect. 3
VT-116, VT-4252,5006,000GO 160,000
Discus etc.7,0003000 hrs. basic price 18,900
ASW 15
Cirrus St.
3000 hrs. basic price 18,900


Pitot-static system leakage test and magnetic compass compensation are included in prices of Annual inspections of sailplanes.


Aircraft TypeNew Paint Finish
Zlín Z-126, Z-226216,000
Zlín Z-42, 142, 43220,000
L-40 Meta Sokol220,000
Zlin Z-37 Cmelak248,000
Cessna 150, 152216,000
Cessna 172, Beechcraft Bonanza228,000
Cessna 182234,000
Cessna 206, 207, 210257,000
Cessna 337287,000
Cessna 303, 340, 414299,000
Let L-200 A, D235,000
Piper PA-28 Arrow atd.239,000
Piper PA-31299,000
Piper PA-32247,800
Piper PA-34 Seneca, PA-44 Seminole270,000
Mooney etc.221,000

Prices of painting jobs include old paint removal and new weighing of the aircraft.

Slick and Bendix Magnetos Maintenance

MagnetosRevision after 500 hrs.Overhaul
Bendix Dude7,90012,000

Above mentioned prices of magnetos repair include new paint, MS35333-41 and MS35333-39 lockwasher replacement.
Defective parts replacement and material cost are not incuded in these prices.

Further we can do:

  • standard and nonstandard repairs of sailplanes and aircraft — call for price
  • inspections and repairs of UL aircraft according to customer request — call for price
  • aircraft weighing and CG position calculation inclusive of record — price 3,000 CZK
  • sailplane weighing and CG position calculation inclusive of record — price 1,500 CZK

Our working hour rate for extrawork, standard and non-standard repairs is 490 CZK.

All above mentioned prices are in Czech crowns (CZK) without VAT of 21 per cent.

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